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Hello, I am Jed Llenado.

Welcome to my website!

I created this place be my project gallery. It's a place where I can always go back, and see all of my works. It's where my artworks live.

This website is my Trophy for Finishing my Final Challenge!
"Learn Python Programming and make an online portfolio website using it."

I'm A Web Developer But I also wanna do other stuff

My strongest skill is building website. It's my bread and butter. But I can do more as I always love learning new stuffs.


Years of Experience


I design and make websites for a living. It also helps me grow to learn other skills.


Since I work with websites, I had to understand the designing process, and how a good design impact brands. I'm still a learner.


It's just a hobby. Bought a second-hand camera, (Canon 6D). Still in entry level though.


I just recently learned how to create videos. I think I'm in love with it. I have a couple of them in the next section.

  • Design: Photoshop / Illustrator / Premiere Pro96%
  • Frontend: WordPress / Django / Laravel92%
  • Backend: Ubuntu 20.04 / MariaDB / PostgreSQL / NginX / Apache290%
  • Other Stuffs90%


Each project is crafted with time, effort, and love. They deserve to be remembered. [See them all here.]


Portfolio Items

Friends and Colleagues are part of my story.

I always value and reflect from the honest feedbacks. The negative ones teach me how to learn and improve faster. The good ones are my rewards and keep me motivated to do more.

My Story History & Timeline

Feel free to read it. Spoiler: This timeline, is a personal story. Some of it doesn't tell about my work. If you just wanna see my works, Go ahead to the next page. (laughs)


Years Work Compilation

  1. April 2012

    graduated from university

    Major subjects

    Graduated in Computer Engineering from the University of Southern Mindanao, Philippines.

    Some Achievements

    Got three semesters of college scholar and became one-semester university scholar.

    What I learned

    College is when I started to understand that most life skills aren't learned from school. It taught me the engineering "sleepless nights", do not sleep until you finish your projects.

    Final year projects

    Weather Monitoring System - Hardware Interface with Web Apps and a Line-following robot (microcontrollers).

  2. Feb 2013

    Got my first job

    After college, I went to the city to find a decent job. With a limited money, I attended several jobs fairs, tons of interviews, and very tiring commutes, it ended that it seems no one wanted to accept me.

    I almost got to the point where I was about to accept a job mismatch, a food service crew. Realizing I didn't have enough money to stay longer in the city, I decided to go back to our town. I became jobless for a while.

    With only having a laptop and the internet, I decided to learn to make websites. After six months of training and a couple of interviews, POOF! I landed in an online job. It was my first which is based in New Zealand. I became a Web Developer.

  3. Sep 2014

    Started Working With Companies

    Became a work freak - Multiple jobs at a time

    It took me some time to realize that you can have multiple jobs online. So I started working with more than one company. Took 2-3 part-time jobs to earn more.

    I went on until I realized that I became so workaholic and became very irritable. Yeah till I realized: "I don't have a life anymore, it's unhealthy, I have to stop this."

    Got My Second Full-Time Job

    Wanting to earn more to provide for myself and for my family, I stopped my exhausting multiple jobs. Instead, asked my former boss if he can raise my salary. He said he couldn't give it so I was referred to his friend, still New Zealand-based. I became part of the development team, I grew a lot. I had a very professional and fast-paced work environment online. It's where I started realizing that I can be very productive with a streamlined workflow.

  4. 2015 - 2016

    Werk, werk, werk.


    WordPress became my primary source of income. I converted cool web template layout from the graphics designers. I turned those amazing artworks from graphics into online websites. It's like MAGIC! The art giving a life to pure digital arts!

    I Felt being Valued

    My former boss sent me an iPad, that was the first time I received a gift from a boss. Even provided me funds for my own desk and working equipment. There were nice balance of productivity and pressure at work. I loved it. I was so productive.

    Changes Lead Me to Burnout

    Slowly, there were changes at my work which made me and my colleagues feel that we couldn't cope up with the requirements. Though I can deliver, but I felt so burned out, almost daily. At the time I didn't accepted any other jobs. That happened for a while so I decided to STOP. I thought I deserve a good vacation and rest.

  5. 2016

    My First Job Abroad

    Job Interviews

    I liked the feeling that I stopped working for a while. Until then, I decided to look for another job thinking, "Why not abroad job this time?"

    So I quickly changed my plan, got my CV ready, had my first portfolio website ready, and prepared myself for online interviews. Yeah, I focused my attention to getting an abroad job.

    The desert country

    There were several interviews, but I chose the employer who sounded that would trust me and guide me along my expatriate journey. It was a leap of faith.

    I chose Saudi Arabia! By the end of the year, I flew to the Arab country and became part of an IT Team of a manufacturing company.
    [Shoutout to my only Pakistani boss who might be reading this right now. The most compassionate boss I ever know.]

  6. 2017 - 2018

    Saudi, my second home.

    Offical Corporate IT Worker

    I became the web developer of an IT Team. They treated me well. They gave me yearly vacations. Got adjusted to my job.

    I can say 2017 allowed me to discover more about myself. I was able to learn outside of my skillset, been alone in my room, since I didn't have a car that time. This is I started photography.


    Since I'm a web developer, I became interested to produce images for my website works. There were times that I had to provide and think of good images that can be added in the website. Yeah, I became also the web desinger apart from being the web developer in the company.

  7. 2018-2019

    A whole new World

    Drivers License Exam

    I aplied for a drivers license exam. Turned out that I failed on the initial driving test, so I had to take the driving school classes which spent me 11 days in total to finish.

    The Badminton Club

    After successfully passing the driver's license exam. Immediately got a second-hand car. This allowed to explore more of my daily life more than that I used to. I was freed from homesickness. I was able to reach the community of Filipino people. I became part of a badminton club.

    I played daily, I was finally able to socialize and met a lot of friends.

  8. 2019-2020

    Homesickness Striked

    I lost my father when I was here in Saudi Arabia. He got a cardiac arrest! It's the hardest situation I came across in my life. I wanted to go home, but for some problems with my credentials, that time.

    I hesitated to go back home and see my father, it would have costed me my job because of my credentials as there were possibilities that I could not go back for work because of that. It was hard choice but I had to stay. I sent financial assistance instead and attended the funeral virtually. It was tough but it made me strong, though.

  9. 2020


    No more badminton

    Everyone stopped going to the badminton court when COVID-19 was identified as a fast-killer SARS virus.

    work at home

    Here in Saudi Arabia, they implemented a lot of curfews. They narrowed down the work schedules until they decided to do most of the work at home.

    face masks and sanitizers

    They implemented curfews and strict policies of wearing clinical facemasks in public. If someone is caught without a mask, the police will issue him a violation of SAR 1,000.

    Ductal Carcinoma

    Again, another terrible news from the PH. My mom caught a cancer in one of her breasts. The doctor declared that it was in stage 3. This year was so stressful.

  10. 2021

    Realizations from the Pandemic

    Medical Needs

    My mom had several treatments so we can prevent her cancer from spreading. She had a lot of surgeries, including mastectomy, lung surgery, and one of her ovaries. It was extra tough, specially as hospitals are slowed down due to COVID protocols, there were few doctors were available at that time.

    Room for Growth

    Been working here in Saudi Arabia for 4 years now, still making and maintaining websites. Due to the pandemic, I was able to realize that I can grow further outside my comfort zone. This is when I discovered the Nas Academy.

    In the academy, I was able to meet a lot of friends in the content creation community. It's another adventure for me, virtually. I was able to learn video-making. I also earned my camera confidence. And even won some awards in the academy.

  11. 2022

    Looking forward for better things to happen this year

    I haven't written anything yet here. Right now, I'm about to graduate with one of the courses in the NAS Academy. (laughs)

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